Pillars of Autumn


Pillars of Autumn is a Symphonic Technical Deathcore band based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They blend 2010 style deathcore into modern deathcore, providing brutal riffs, heavy breakdowns and complex guitar solos, accompanied by ambient and symphonic elements, all whilst telling a story with their concept-driven albums.

Pillars of Autumn was formed in 2013 by guitarist Devon Groat as a solo project. It quickly expanded into a full 5-piece band in the summer of 2015 to finish work on their debut EP “Sodomizer”, which was released independently on Halloween. In 2019, Pillars of Autumn released “The Masquerade”, their first full-length album which was praised widely by new and returning fans alike. During the COVID Pandemic, Pillars of Autumn released the split EP “Kenopsia” in 2020, and their second full-length album “Sodomizer II” in November 2021.

In April of 2022, Pillars of Autumn signed with CDN Records to re-release POA’s previous independent releases, including Sodomizer II.

Streams and Digital Downloads

Band photo of Pillars of Autumn

The Members of Pillars of Autumn

Vocals - Nick Young
Guitar/Vocals - Devon Groat
Guitar - Lucas Fancy
Bass - Ryan Morrison
Drums - Doug Noel & Joe Barras

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