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Cover for Gutted Alive - Human Taxidermy

Gutted Alive – Human Taxidermy

CDs • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

OUT NOW • Gutted Alive's fourth full-length album. Intense and catchy, with brutally fast riffs, mean grooves, and macabre subject matter.

Album art for Killing Desire by Gutted Alive

Gutted Alive – Killing Desire

CDs • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

Gutted Alive's third full-length studio album, featuring 9 crushing new tracks of New York Brutal Death Metal.

Cover art for Consumed by Carnage

Gutted Alive – Consumed By Carnage

CDs • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

Gutted Alive from New York State brings us a brutal slab of death metal. Incredible artwork and a great sounding release.


Gutted Alive continues the great tradition of Brutal Death Metal from Rochester, New York. Formed in 2012 as The Gutted, the band changed their name shortly before signing to CDN Records of Canada.

Gutted Alive has striven to bring a sound to Brutal Death Metal that is slamming, catchy, and intense. Touching on subject matter of the depraved and the sick, this quintet brings relentless brutality to every show.

The first of their full-length albums to be released on CDN Records was 2015s Consumed by Carnage, a follow-up to 2014s Culmination of Mutilation. The band returned for an encore at the end of 2019 with Killing Desire.

Now dropping their fourth album, entitled Human Taxidermy, with CDN Records, Gutted Alive continues to push forward in the medium and explore macabre subjects.

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The Members of Gutted Alive

Ryan Michael - Vocals
Jason Acquilano - Guitar, Vocals
Brandon Graves - Drums
Joe Tash - Bass
Rick Smith - Guitar

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