Graphic for Summer Scorcher sale

Summer Scorcher Sale

This August we’re putting a new spin on buy more, save more with our Summer Scorcher Sale. Add CDs or tapes to your cart and watch their prices fall! Get the details here.

Cover art for Mouth Shattering Slamtist Purgery

Gingivectomy – Mouth Shattering Slamtist Purgery

CD / Pre-Order • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

Experimental Teethgrinding Slam from Germany. With Larry Wang and members of Blastocystia. Out on September 30th, get your pre-orders in.

Album art for Sadism and Severed Heads

Last Retch – Sadism and Severed Heads

CD / Pre-Order • Death Metal

Groove-laced Swedish grinding guitars with riffs to take your head off! Artwork by the legendary Paolo Girardi. Coming September 23rd.

Cruel Fate / Expunged cassette cover

Cruel Fate / Expunged – Split (Cassette)

Cassette / New Release • Death Metal

OUT NOW • The cassette release of this killer split from Canadians Expunged and Cruel Fate. Old School and Swedish Death Metal done right!

Cover art for 27 Club by Phalloplasty

Phalloplasty – 27 Club

CD / New Release • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

OUT NOW • After a five year gap, Phalloplasty is back with a chaotic, crushing offering of brutal death metal.

Intestinal Hex / Pukewraith – Medieval Grime Split

CD / New Release • Death Metal

OUT NOW • Two solo side projects from members of Gutvoid and Fumes. A six-track EP with their unique styles leapfrogging each other, unified under a single theme of medieval times.

Cover art for Speed Kills reissue

Thanatos – Speed Kills (Cassette)

Cassette / New Release • Death Metal / Speed Metal

OUT NOW • The first of a six demo series from the godfathers of Dutch speed & death metal. Now on cassette for the first time in almost 40 years!

Cover for Disgorged Complete Discography

Disgorged – Complete Discography + Demos

CD / New Release • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

OUT NOW • Featuring BREED FOR ME, THY HIDEOUS WAKE, the 94 Promo, and the PHANTASMAGORIA demo. Old school brutal death metal from Rochester, New York!