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Cover for Paroxysmal - Force Feeder

Paroxysmal – Force Feeder

CDs / Pre-Orders • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

The fourth studio release from Paroxysmal (formerly Paroxysmal Butchering). Technical brutal death metal – tight, beautiful and butchering! Out June 30th.

Cover art for Gaffed - Die Already

Gaffed – Die Already

CDs / New Releases • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

OUT NOW • 1990's Death Metal is back! New Jersey's GAFFED return with DIE ALREADY – old school and more brutal than ever.

Cover art for Hail and Kill

Gutted Christ – Hail and Kill

CDs / New Releases • Black/Death / Death Metal

OUT NOW • Sick and twisted Satanic blackened death metal from Virginia!

Cassette inlay for new Baphomet cassette

Baphomet – Boiled In Blood + 91 EP (Cassette)

Cassettes / New Releases • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

CDN Records and Growl Records present our latest cassette re-issue: Baphomet's Boiled In Blood and their 91 EP! Brutal Death Metal from these Buffalo legends.

Album art for Sadism and Severed Heads

Last Retch – Sadism and Severed Heads (Coloured LP)

12'' Vinyls / Pre-Orders • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

Coming to vinyl this Fall, the debut full-length from Last Retch. Black and orange splatter pattern. Limited to 300 copies, reserve yours with a pre-order.

Cover art for The Rest Are Prey

VileDriver – The Rest Are Prey

CDs / New Releases • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal / Deathcore / Progressive Metal

OUT NOW • VileDriver's massive second album solidifies the band's place as a juggernaut, continuing to challenge listeners to forget their prior ideals of Technical Death Metal.

Cover art for Folklore De Fond D'égout

Cystic Embalmment – Folklore De Fond D’égout

CDs / New Releases • Goregrind / Brutal Death Metal / Grindcore

OUT NOW • 25 tracks of Sewergrind – disgusting and sickening Goregrind from the sewers of Montreal! Featuring members of Vaginal Addiction.