Cover art for Folklore De Fond D'égout

Cystic Embalmment – Folklore De Fond D’égout

CDs / New Releases • Goregrind / Brutal Death Metal / Grindcore

OUT NOW • 25 tracks of Sewergrind – disgusting and sickening Goregrind from the sewers of Montreal! Featuring members of Vaginal Addiction.

Cover art for Visions of Agony by Expunged

Expunged – Visions of Agony

CDs / New Releases • Death Metal

OUT NOW • The new album from Ottawa's Expunged. Unrelenting, old school styled Swedish death metal!

Cover art for Parasitic Populace

In The Act of Violence – Parasitic Populace

CDs / New Releases • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal / Deathcore

OUT NOW • The 10th studio album from Toronto's In The Act Of Violence is a pulverizing slam fest of brutality and savage lyrics.

Graphic for Bob Shaw Memorial Promo

Bob Shaw Memorial Promotion

In a bid to get more of Bob's music out into the world, we've marked down the price of our remaining Cuff and Existential Dissipation CDs.

Graphic for March promotion

Buy Two, Get The Next Two Half-Off

Buy two CDs and get the next two half-off, or buy two tapes and get the next two half-off! Read all the details here.

Cover for Anthropic - End of the Bloodline

Anthropic – End of the Bloodline

CDs / New Releases • Grindcore

OUT NOW • Pulverizing old school grindcore from Buffalo! Inspired by 80's grind, crust punk and death metal. Founded by Brian Pattison.

Cover art for the Carnal Dissection Discography

Carnal Dissection – Complete Discography

CDs / New Releases • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

NOW AVAILABLE • Old school Buffalo brutal is back on CD! Featuring two demos and two previously unreleased tracks.

Cover art for The Rest Are Prey

VileDriver – The Rest Are Prey

CDs / Pre-Orders • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal / Deathcore / Progressive Metal

VileDriver's massive second album solidifies the band's place as a juggernaut, continuing to challenge listeners to forget their prior ideals of Technical Death Metal. Out March 31st.

Cover for Glorious Times compilation CD

Glorious Times Compilation Vol #1

CDs / New Releases • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal / Speed Metal / Thrash Metal

OUT NOW • 16-track compilation album in memory of Brian Pattison. Limited run. All profits go to Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.