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Cover art for Mouth Shattering Slamtist Purgery

Gingivectomy – Mouth Shattering Slamtist Purgery

New Releases / CDs • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

OUT NOW • Experimental Teethgrinding Slam from Germany! With Larry Wang and members of Blastocystia.

Front cover for Thanatos' 1985 Demo cassette

Thanatos – Demo 1985 (Cassette)

Cassettes / Pre-Orders • Death Metal / Thrash Metal

Coming October 28th. On tape for the first time since its release in 1985. A definitive staple in the beginnings of extreme music!

Album art for Sadism and Severed Heads

Last Retch – Sadism and Severed Heads

CDs / New Releases • Death Metal

OUT NOW • Nine tracks of groove-laced Swedish grinding guitars with riffs to take your head off! With artwork by the legendary Paolo Girardi.

Cover for Epidermal Veil - Psalms of the Flayed

Epidermal Veil – Psalms of the Flayed

CDs / Pre-Orders • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

Coming November 4th, this debut EP tells the story of the cosmic deity Ursath and his descent upon Earth. Icelandic Technical Death Metal FFO Obscura, The Black Dahlia Murder, Beyond Creation.

Cover art for 27 Club by Phalloplasty

Phalloplasty – 27 Club

CDs / New Releases • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

OUT NOW • After a five year gap, Phalloplasty is back with a chaotic, crushing offering of brutal death metal.