Graphic for 2023 End of Year Blowout

End Of Year Blowout Sale!

New titles are marked down, older titles are still $6, and t-shirts are $5! Get the details & links here.

Cover art for Kaustic Hordes

Korrosive – Kaustic Hordes

CDs / No Discounts • Speed Metal / Thrash Metal

RE-PRESS NOW AVAILABLE • Combining speed and extreme metal with old-school elements, Korrosive pushes thrash to its boundaries.

Cover for Thanatos - Rebirth (Demo II) (Cassette)

Thanatos – Rebirth (Demo II) (Cassette)

Cassettes / New Releases • Death Metal

OUT NOW • On tape for the first time since 1986! The third reissue in our Thanatos demos series.

Cover for Gut Ripper - Necrowork

Gut Ripper – Necrowork

CDs / New Releases • Death Metal

OUT NOW • Gut Ripper's second album is the band in all its dirty glory. Old School Swedish Death Metal from Östersund!

Cover for Tabahi - Thrash for Justice

Tabahi – Thrash for Justice

CDs / New Releases • Thrash Metal

OUT NOW • From Karachi, Pakistan, Tabahi brings us their new, highly anticipated full-length. The very best in uncompromising thrash metal!

Vinyl mock-up

Last Retch – Sadism and Severed Heads (Coloured LP)

12'' Vinyls / New Releases • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

Now Shipping to the USA • The debut full-length from Last Retch, on vinyl. Comes in a black and orange splatter pattern. Limited to 300 copies.

Cover for Gutted Alive - Human Taxidermy

Gutted Alive – Human Taxidermy

CDs / New Releases • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

OUT NOW • Gutted Alive's fourth full-length album. Intense and catchy, with brutally fast riffs, mean grooves, and macabre subject matter.

Cover for Cryophilic - Damned and Decayed

Cryophilic – Damned and Decayed

CDs / New Releases • Death Metal / Brutal Death Metal

OUT NOW • Cryophilic unlock a new level of ferocity and groove on their sophomore release. Canadian Death Metal at its finest!