Cover art for Descendants of Evil by Höwler

Höwler – Descendants of Evil

CDs / New Releases • Thrash Metal

OUT NOW • Costa Rican thrashers Höwler return with their fourth full-length. A mix of speed, power and technical thrash, heavily influenced by 80's Bay Area acts.

Cover art for Toxic Apokalypse by Korrosive

Korrosive – Toxic Apokalypse

CDs / New Releases • Thrash Metal / Speed Metal

OUT NOW • Extreme kaustic thrash from Canada's Korrosive. Eight new pummeling tracks that are faster, more technical, and absolutely violent from beginning to end.

Cover for Glorious Times compilation CD

Glorious Times Compilation Vol #1

CDs / Pre-Orders • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal / Speed Metal / Thrash Metal

A 16-track compilation album in memory of Brian Pattison. Limited run. All profits go to Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Graphic for Blackend November sale


We're taking $2 off newer titles and 50% off older titles (CDs and cassettes), along with $2 off vinyls. It's time to load up!

Cover art for The Resurrectionist by Immortal Possession

Immortal Possession – The Resurrectionist

CDs / Pre-Orders • Death Metal

The Resurrectionist is the result of 30+ years of OSDM fury from these trailblazers of Canadian Death Metal. Coming December 9th. Bundle & Save!

Cover for Epidermal Veil - Psalms of the Flayed

Epidermal Veil – Psalms of the Flayed

CDs / New Releases • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

OUT NOW • Icelandic Technical Death Metal. This debut EP tells the story of the cosmic deity Ursath and his descent upon Earth. FFO Obscura, The Black Dahlia Murder, Beyond Creation.

Front cover for Thanatos' 1985 Demo cassette

Thanatos – Demo 1985 (Cassette)

Cassettes / New Releases • Death Metal / Thrash Metal

OUT NOW • On tape for the first time since 1985. A definitive staple in the beginnings of extreme music!