Cystic Embalmment

Cover art for Folklore De Fond D'égout

Cystic Embalmment – Folklore De Fond D’égout

CDs • Goregrind / Brutal Death Metal / Grindcore

OUT NOW • 25 tracks of Sewergrind – disgusting and sickening Goregrind from the sewers of Montreal! Featuring members of Vaginal Addiction.


Started in December 2018, Cystic Embalmment is a goregrind band from Montréal, Québec, featuring Alain Jackson (Carbonized 16 Year Old Victim, Vaginal Addiction) on guitars, Tommy Gilbert (Vaginal Addiction) on drums, Brian Lanteigne (Holy Cost, Exsanguinate) on vocals, and Arnaud Cloutier (Barbaric Penetration, Exsanguinate) on bass and backing vocals.

In total, the band has released six tapes trough Sulfuric Diarrhea Records; two demos, two EPs and three split tapes. Their sound has progressed and solidified throughout the years, into to what they now call “Sewergrind”, which is mostly high bpm blast beats, crushing d-beats, lots of crust elements with disgusting gurgles, vomits and toilet noises on top of it.

They now bring you their first full length album, Folklore De Fond D’égout, featuring 25 tracks of non-stop, pummeling sewer-infused goregrind punishment.

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The Members of Cystic Embalmment

Alain Jackson – Guitars
Tommy Gilbert – Drums
Brian Lanteigne – Vocals
Arnaud Cloutier – Bass, Backing Vocals

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