Ripped from the bowels of Hell!!! MRSA take you into the sickening, dark world of horror films, exposing you to the terrors that lie within the human condition.

MRSA brings the horror experience to life; Death Metal has never had a full horror theatrical experience like this! Each song is performed to the theme of a selection of films. The performances sometimes include scare actors, full effects and props.

The band began in its early stages in 2013. Though certain incarnations existed beforehand, the band released their first real EP in 2019, entitled “The Biography of Madness”. The mini album consisted of five hook-filled death metal classics. The acclaimed EP gained the band a following, and allowed them to open for such acts as MAC SABBATH and OKILLY DOKILLY.

The band was not satisfied with these successes. They wanted more! So, naturally, they decided to worship Satan. In the process – while screwing up the incantation – they resurrected a new lead singer; a former serial killer, now undead, DEAN CORPSE!

With the new lineup complete, they released another EP, “HEAVIER”. The mini album was again produced by the band, and mastered by Terrence Hobbs of SUFFOCATION. The five-song EP was released in October 2021 to a sold out crowd. This was the first show with the full theatrical performance!

Since the release of “HEAVIER”, MRSA has been blazing a trail of the dead in their wake! Following two more sold out solo performances, the band did a mini tour with NECRONEMESIS and CORRUPTED SAINT, and opening for POWERGLOVE. MRSA makes an impression anywhere they play, and the crowds can’t help but get infected! They’re currently recording 10 new songs to be released on CDN Records in 2024.

Streams and Digital Downloads

MRSA promo photo 2024

The Members of MRSA

DEAN CORPSE - Vokills (Cyst/Murder Suicide)
JOE DWYER - Guitar (Straight Jacket/Masticator)
JOHNNY HONEYCUTT - Bass (Straight Jacket)
BRETT ACKLING - Drums (Straight Jacket/Masticator)

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