In The Act Of Violence

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In The Act Of Violence – We Are All Scum

CDs • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal / Deathcore

Brutal Slamming Deathcore from Ontario. Bridges old school, politically-charged music with a new-school philosophy.


In The Act Of Violence (ITAOV) is a Brutal Slamming Deathcore band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Bridging the gap between the old-school ways of heavy and the new-school with slamming riffs, blast beats, and extreme vocals, it’s nothing short of in your face brutality.

Touring Canada since 2006, ITAOV are back at work with a new lineup and are currently in the studio recording their 10th album, expected to drop late Fall 2022. This will be the band’s second release with CDN Records, following the release of We Are All Scum.

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ITAOV live lineup 2022

The Members of In The Act Of Violence

Oliver Gatfield - Guitar
Kenny Coull - Drums
Joe Hawley - Bass
Jamie Crews - Vocals

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