Cavernum was formed in Argentina in 2019, as a project by members of Bloodfiend and Necronizer, with the purpose of making fast, primitive, old school Death Grind; a sound inspired by bands like Repulsion, Impetigo, Hellhammer or old Pungent Stench, with lyrical content centering around prehistoric stories, cavemen and cannibalism.

Their first album, “Born in a Cave”, was recorded at Recrear studios by Gregorio Kochian (Prion), between 2019 and 2021, as they worked through delays caused by the pandemic.

The rudimentary cover art was done by Noise.and.Lies, with design by Kuntur. The album was released on CD by Disembodied Records from Argentina, garnering a good response world-wide, and is also available to stream on Spotify, Youtube Music, and other digital platforms linked below.

Streams and Digital Downloads

Cavernum members graphic

The Members of Cavernum

Walter Thompson (Bloodfiend, Necronizer) - Guitar
Alejandro Thompson (Necronizer) - Guitar
Gustavo Quiroga (Bloodfiend, Infernal Curse) - Drums
Fernando Larriestra (Bloodfiend, Blemias) - Vocals

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