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Gaffed – Die Already

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OUT NOW • 1990's Death Metal is back! New Jersey's GAFFED return with DIE ALREADY – old school and more brutal than ever.


Gaffed was formed in 1994 from the four remaining members of Ritual Torment – Mike Luft (bass/guitar/backing vocals), Bob Luft (lead vocals), Rich Calderon (guitar), and Joe White (drums). Founding member of Ritual Torment, John Egan, left to play with Damonacy that same year. After John’s departure, Mike moved from bass to guitar and Chris Defeis was brought on to play bass.

Gaffed went on to produce two demos, A Meal of Gore and It Hurts To Be Dead. Over the years they played many shows in clubs throughout New Jersey, and developed a world-wide following.

After A Meal of Gore, Chris and Joe left Gaffed, and Brian Gregg (drums), Dom Triola (guitar), and Joe Davidson (bass) were added. This was the final lineup that recorded It Hurts To Be Dead in 1995. A few years and many live shows later, Gaffed decided to disband.

Fueled by the boredom of the lockdowns, and maybe a little mid-life crisis, Mike decided to get the band back together. Bob, Rich and Joe were on board, but Gaffed needed a drummer. Enter Senen Solis (formerly of Beyond the Flesh, The Grieving Process and An Aborted Memory). Today, Gaffed stays true to its roots of the 1990s, with the added talent of Senen’s drumming, and aim to be more brutal than ever.

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The Members of Gaffed

Joe Davidson - Bass
Mike Luft - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Senen Solis - Drums
Rich Calderon - Guitar
Bob Luft - Lead Vocals

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