Existential Dissipation

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Kraanium / Existential Dissipation – Polymorphic Chamber of Human Consumption

CDs • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

OUT NOW • Two of the best slam bands on the planet together on one CD. Bob Shaw's last recorded work.

Album art for Cesspool of Remnants by Existential Dissipation

Existential Dissipation – Cesspool of Remnants

CDs • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

The debut full-length from Existential Dissipation. Brutal Canadian Death/Slamming Metal. For fans of Devourment, Internal Bleeding, Cuff, Goratory, Guttural Secrete

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International Solidification – Gape / Displeased Disfigurement / Existential Dissipation (3-Way Split)

CDs • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

Australia, South Africa and Canada come together to bring you "International Solidification". Featuring Gape, Displeased Disfigurement, and Existential Dissipation.

Cover for Existential Dissipation - Heinous Malformations Promo 2018 (Limited Demo CDR)

Existential Dissipation – Heinous Malformations Promo 2018 (Limited Demo CDR)

CD-Rs / CDs • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

From the beginnings of Existential Dissipation, we bring you two of the first songs we ever wrote plus one cover song from one of our inspirations - Dying Fetus.


Existential Dissipation came into existence in 2016 via founder Franky D’Alimonte, as a side project outside of Corprophemia. In the following years, the project drew more interest and the idea of turning the one-man project into a full band gained traction. Bob Shaw (Cuff) was added to the lineup on vocals, which solidified the direction of the sound. The demo track “Devoured, Decayed & Displayed” was produced and released shortly thereafter, which in turn caught the attention of Slam Worldwide and hailed as an upcoming band to keep an eye on. After building up some interest from the newly-released single, Existential Dissipation caught the attention of CDN Records, which later signed the band.

With the growing desire to perform live, both members began searching for additional members whom they felt would compliment the project while adding something new to the writing style. In 2017, Justin McNeil (Necroexophilia, Murdered) joined, taking on drum duties as a session performer and to complete the line-up, Kyle Lam (Mendacity) entered the fold in early 2018, filling in on bass to complete the low-end assault needed for the sheer brutality that is Existential Dissipation.

In 2019, Existential released their first full length “Cesspool of Remnants” which became recognized for it’s brutally charged riffs and direction leaning towards the 90s slam/brutal death metal approach while also having some known and respected guest vocalists jump on some tracks for this release. Shortly after, they returned to the studio to focus on their next lineup of material after curating and solidifying the idea of a split release alongside slam kings Kraanium which moved into full forced during 2020. With the departure of original guitarist and songwriter Franky D’Alimonte, Existential Dissipation decided to trek through and continue forth with this monumental collaboration and took on Jason Burt (Mendacity) & Nicholas Luck (Skyless Aeons) for all guitar duties which later encapsulated the release of a two song demo entitled “Unrelenting Barbarity” as a teaser to the upcoming split with Kraanium, showcasing the incorporation of some more technically driven elements to their sound.

In mid 2021, the split album was rearing for a release date within spring of 2022, and as the new year bestowed closer towards the release date, the unfortunate news of the passing of vocalist Bob Shaw was announced; Existential Dissipation have made sure that this album would be released as a promise to Bob and all the work they put into it over the course of its development, marking this as one of Bob Shaw’s final releases to date, and a sentimental release to not only Existential Dissipation itself but to many that have known or supported Bob over the years.

The split album with Kraanium, “Polymorphic Chamber of Human Consumption” is written and dedicated in honour to their fallen brothers Bob Shaw (Existential Dissipation, Cuff), Martin Funderud (Kraanium) & Bill Toley (Internal Bleeding).

-Bring forth the onslaught-

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The Members of Existential Dissipation

Franky - Guitar/Bass
Mat - Guitar
Bob - Vocals
Justin - Studio Drums
Zeus - Live Drums

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