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Anthropic – End of the Bloodline

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OUT NOW • Pulverizing old school grindcore from Buffalo! Inspired by 80's grind, crust punk and death metal. Founded by Brian Pattison.


In October of 2015, Brian Pattison and Jeff Budziszewski (ex. Immortal Terror, Eternal Torment, Imminent Collapse, Varices, Warsaw) formed Anthropic in Buffalo, NY. This early incarnation lasted only a handful of practices but yielded a few songs. For several months in the first half of 2016, Brian commuted to Pittsburgh to jam with Christian Easely (ex. Rottrevore) to keep the band alive. By August, Anthropic was again based in Buffalo and saw Jim Santillo (ex. Immortal Terror) join the band on drums. Over the next few months, the band was rounded out with Norm Ventura (ex. Immortal Terror) on second guitar, Andy Burns (ex. Imminent Collapse, Varices) on bass and Derrick Kowalski (ex. Avulsion) on vocals.

2017 saw the band start with a complete lineup, but that would soon change as Andy’s schedule forced him to resign from the band. The following month, Derrick was relieved of vocal duties and replaced by Chris Hull. Anthropic didn’t want to slow the growth of the band so, without a bassist, they recorded their demo (released digitally by HPGD Records) and played their first four shows, including a slot in NYC’s famed Rage of Armageddon Fest 4.

Following those initial shows, Jim needed open heart surgery, so the band was put on hold for several months. During the hiatus, old friend Russ Martin (ex. Grotesque Infection, Organism, Stemm, Darkapathy) joined on bass. Finally a full and healthy band, Anthropic resumed performing live, opening for Phobia in Buffalo and Columbus. For the rest of 2017 and into early 2018, the band played live and continued to fine tune their sound, eventually becoming a streamlined four-piece.

Anthropic began to write more quickly, and soon headed into the studio to record the Tatanka EP. Live shows in multiple states continued, including opening for Cannibal Corpse, and by the end of the year the band headed into Watchmen Studios to record songs for a split release with California’s RUIN. The split was released on cassette in January of 2019 and quickly sold out, followed by a CD release on Severed Records, which again sold out.

Things began to steamroll for Anthropic, as the number of live shows increased, with slots opening for Dying Fetus and Immolation. In June, the band set out on their first tour in the USA, including four shows with Mexico’s ANARCHUS, and ending with a prime slot on Crust Stock in Pomona, CA. A few months later, Anthropic hit the road again, this time on a co-headlining run with Ohio’s SEWAGE GRINDER. This second tour saw the band head South to Texas, then back up through Louisiana, North Carolina and West Virginia.

A few days after the final show of 2019, Brian fractured his ankle. Unable to perform, he was still able to write the last couple of songs for the next full-length. The band enlisted the help of old friend Jimi Voelker (ex. Monarch) to play the scheduled gigs in January and February of 2020, which included a show opening for Soulfly.

Anthropic returned to Watchmen Studios at the end of February to record. While recording, the virus began to take hold in the world. The band went in well-rehearsed and finished a full day and a half ahead of schedule. Days after the CD was sent to be pressed, New York State went into lockdown. The CD arrived on time and Architects of Aggression was released by Jbudz Records in conjunction with Sevared Records and Haunted Hotel Records.

In November of 2020, Brian contracted the virus and subsequently passed away. With the blessing of his family, and their desire to continue his legacy, Anthropic had friend Matt Whissel (ex. Organism) take up guitar duties. Before Brian passed, work on the next album had begun, and fortunately all of the tablatures were saved on a laptop. With those, and a rehearsal recording of each song, Anthropic were able to complete End of the Bloodline and sign to CDN Records to see its release in early 2023.

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The Members of Anthropic

Russ Martin - Bass
Chris Hull - Vocals
Matt Whissel - Guitar
Jim Santillo - Drums

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