Saprogenous is a three-piece Brutal Death Metal/Goregrind band from Wichita, Kansas, originally conceived in 2018. Taking influence from Z-grade horror movies, they have only one purpose; to infect the world with the most over-the-top sickness imaginable.

Saprogenous has released several primitive demos, including Festering In Putrid Spoilage (2021) and Yimpsed (2018), and most recently a split EP with now-defunct Kansas City grinders Rimjob, entitled Purified In The Blood Of Wimps (2024). They’ve toured with the likes of Minneapolis grindcore bosses Deterioration, and are set to play the 2024 Arkansas Death Fest, among other sick lineups. The goredozer that is Saprogenous never stops.

The band is currently working on some of their most gruesome material to date for their upcoming debut on CDN Records. This is sure to be a festering slab of gore-soaked brutality; fans of Hemdale, Mortician, Last Days Of Humanity and Dead Infection should take notice.

Streams and Digital Downloads

Saprogenous band photo

The Members of Saprogenous

Ted Batt – Vocals/Guitar
Felicia Tamer – Bass
A.J. Bergstrom – Drums

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