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Instrametal – Exitio Prophetiae

CDs • Death Metal / Heavy Metal / Melodic Death Metal / Progressive Metal / Thrash Metal

A South African instrumental passion project that crosses all metal genres. Featuring vocals for the first time.


Instrametal is a South African passion project by Wiets Botes, which first saw the light of day back in 2008. Instrametal’s music crosses all metal genres, bringing in influences from all across the board. From death metal to doom, to thrashy vibes, to black metal; we try to bring the character of the genres we listen to the most.


2009 – The Flesh Catastrophe
2011 – The Catalyst to Chaos
2013 – The Sinister Ideology
2015 – Natural Selection
2021 – Exitio Prophetiae
2022 – Phanerozoic Eon

With the two most recent albums, released on CDN Records, Instrametal ventured into vocal texture territories for the first time. Dominic Vorster (Bleeding Spawn, Displeased Disfigurement) contributed the vocals and lyrics, with Wiets handling all the instrumentation and production.

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The Members of Instrametal

Wiets Botes - All instruments
Dominic Vorster - Lyrics & Vocals

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