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Sentiment Dissolve – The Orwellian Dream

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Coming May 24th, the debut album from this new Tech Death outfit from London, Ontario. Fast music, by and for slow people.


SENTIMENT DISSOLVE is a technical death metal band formed in London, Ontario, Canada in 2022. They offer finger-twisting riffs, rapid-fire drums and vocals, and a dose of colourful stupidity. Highly recommended for fans of Inferi, Deeds of Flesh, Crepitation, Party Cannon and The Black Dahlia Murder.

Though they are a newer band, the members come with years of experience in the local scene, with connections to groups such as Aepoch, Existential Dissipation, Kavara, Skyless Aeons and Hell is Other People.

They’ve been playing shows around Ontario to build hype, and have teamed up with CDN Records to unveil their debut album, to be released in 2024. Expect fast music by and for slow people, and further announcements to come very soon!!

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The Members of Sentiment Dissolve

Nicholas Luck - Guitars/vocals
Spinny Guilbault - Bass/vocals
Nathan Ferreira - Lead vocals
Matthew Johnson - Drums

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