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Korrosive – Kaustic Hordes

CDs • Speed Metal / Thrash Metal

Eight songs of pure, extreme thrash. Combining speed and extreme metal with old-school elements, Korrosive pushes thrash metal to its very boundaries.

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Korrosive – Kaustic Hordes (Cassette)

Cassettes • Thrash Metal

Eight songs of pure, extreme thrash, now on cassette. Brings the nostalgia of the German and Bay Area thrash scenes to life!


Korrosive is an extreme thrash metal band from Toronto, Canada formed in 2015. With a unique style, Korrosive has brought thrash metal into a new dimension. The band’s influences and style has given birth to what is essentially the “Korrosive sound”, blending aggressive riffs, blast beats, and what is essentially thrash metal on steroids.

In 2021, Korrosive released Kaustic Hordes, an album featuring eight crushing tracks. The band is currently recording their follow up album, slated for a late 2022 release.

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The Members of Korrosive

Rad Zarei - Vocals, Lyrics
Carlos Rodriguez - Bass, Lyrics
Jack Neila - Lead/Rhythm/Acoustic Guitar
Kaveh Afshar - Drums

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