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Cryophilic – Damned and Decayed

CDs • Death Metal / Brutal Death Metal

OUT NOW • Cryophilic unlock a new level of ferocity and groove on their sophomore release. Canadian Death Metal at its finest!

Album art for Barbarity by Cryophilic

Cryophilic – Barbarity (2 Bonus Tracks)

CDs • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

A perfect blend of modern progressive death metal meets old school death metal. From Hamilton, Ontario. Features two new bonus tracks.


Born of the north, Cryophilic hails from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Cryophilic deliver hard-hitting, groovy and ferocious waves of sonic fury. The kind of death metal that reminds you why you liked it in the first place.

Formed in 2016, they began to put together what would become their debut release, Barbarity. Cryophilic’s blend of Progressive Death Metal and old school sensibility makes for one of the most formidable Death Metal bands you’ve ever fucking heard.

Now in 2023, Cryophilic is ready to unleash their sophomore album Damned and Decayed. Eight new tracks of top-tier Brutal and Blackened Death Metal, officially out on August 25th on CDN Records.

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Cryophilic 2023 band photo by Stuart Kawai

The Members of Cryophilic

Ben Spectre - Vocals
Curt Smythe - Guitar
Tim Bergevin - Guitar
Shawn ‘Jiggs’ Desnoyers - Drums
Shane Lannigan - Bass

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