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Tabahi – Thrash for Justice

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From Karachi, Pakistan, Tabahi brings us their new, highly anticipated full-length. The very best in uncompromising thrash metal! Out October 6th.


Tabahi stands out as the only thrash metal band in Pakistan with its lyrical content targeting the socio-political environment.

The band’s name, Tabahi, is an Urdu Language word which means “Destruction”. They are heavily inspired by Legendary Teutonic Thrash Metal bands such as Destruction, Sodom, and Kreator, along with classic ’86 Bay Area Thrash Metal acts like Megadeth, Metallica, Anthrax, and Exodus.

The band was formed by lead guitarist Faiq Ahmed in 2005, with Daniyal Buksh Soomro joining on vocals and bass, and Omair Soomro performing live drums.

Tabahi made its footprint in the metal industry worldwide with its debut EP, Fatwa, in 2012, followed by a self-titled full-length album, Tabahi, released in 2014. The band released its first music video, for the track “Politricks”, in February of 2022. Several videos later, Tabahi is set to release their second album, Thrash for Justice, on October 6th, 2023 on CDN Records.

Streams and Digital Downloads

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The Members of Tabahi

Faiq Ahmed – Lead Guitar
Daniyal Buksh Soomro – Vocals, Bass
Omair Soomro – Live Drums

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