CDN Records Brutality Vol. 2

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Featuring 28 of our label artists, download this free compilation through our Bandcamp page, where you can choose from several file formats including lossless formats.

Download Volume 1 (released July 1, 2017) from bandcamp at this link.

Track List:

  1. Fumigation – Forced Vaginal Harbourage
    (Taken from the split Invasion)
  2. Hexenklad – In This Life or The Next
    (Taken from the album Spirit of The Stone)
  3. Gape – 20 beers on a monday night
    (Taken from the 3 way split International Solidification)
  4. Displeased Disfigurement – Hypocrisy Showing
    (Taken from the 3 way split International Solidification)
  5. Vaginal Addiction – Horny Granny Cum Bucket
    (Taken from the album Orgy of Depravity)
  6. VileDriver – Frightener
    (Taken from the album Primary)
  7. Latrodectus – Oppression to Aggression
    (Taken from the album Societal Demise)
  8. Goreworm – Family Matters
    (Taken from the album The Path To Oblivion)
  9. Mortör – Pleasure of Hate
    (Taken from the album Burn Up The Dead)
  10. Astaroth Incarnate – Sanctum of Torment
    (Taken from the EP Omnipotence (The Infinite Darkness))
  11. Ending Tyranny – Poisoning the Soul
    (Taken from the album Evolution of Deceit)
  12. Gutted Alive – Consumed by Carnage
    (Taken from the album Consumed by Carnage)
  13. Existential Dissipation – Fragmented & Unhinged (feat. Phalloplasty)
    (Exclusive track for this compilation)
  14. Slamophiliac – Mallet
    (Taken from the split This Split Sucks)
  15. Deity – Illuminate the Unwilling
    (Taken from the self titled album Deity)
  16. Necroexophilia – Interstellar Universal Overpopulation
    (Taken from the album Intergalactic Armageddon)
  17. Absolution – Hanging By A Thread
    (Taken from the upcoming album Confessions of the Iniquitous)
  18. Septic Felch – Odor of Ordure
    (Taken from the 2018 demo)
  19. Rotting Repugnancy – Exhlated Throne
    (Taken from the album Harbingers of The Last Judgement)
  20. Pit of Carnage – Feed the Machine
    (Taken from the album The Rise of The Fallen King)
  21. Phalloplasty – The Architecture of Suffering
    (From the split This Split Sucks)
  22. Bleeding Spawn – Divide and Conquer
    (From the album Pathogenic Mechanized Abomination)
  23. Murdered – Psychotic Defecation
    (Taken from the album Killed to Death)
  24. Blood of Christ – Obese Legions: Fed to Ravenous Wolves
    (Taken from the album Anthology IV (Unrelenting Declivity of Anguish))
  25. Devilz By Definition – I Am The One
  26. Psycho – Annihilate
    (Taken from the album From The Asylum)
  27. Deformatory – Eviscerated Requiem
    (Taken from the album Malediction)
  28. Ruptured Birth – Strogg
    (Taken from the album Transmutant)


Cover art by Mark Cooper.
Mastered by Visceral Sound.
Special thanks to Bob Shaw for his efforts.