Astaroth Incarnate

Astaroth Incarnate are an Extreme Metal band formed in October 2013 in Toronto. Over the last four years we have released a demo recording, played numerous shows and had some lineup changes to find the right members and perfect our sound, and are now a solid 5-piece unit who all share the same vision; the vision of bestowing the ideologies of Astaroth to our hell spawns through our interpretations and relating them to our world and society of today. Our goal is to create extreme metal which feels limitless in its creative form while staying true to our roots and influences in metal.

As all five band members come from different musical backgrounds, it allows us to craft each song with a different mindset to intrigue the listener and entice their minds to dissect the lyrics, which are encrusted with multi-layered meanings. All of our songs, music and lyrics combined, are built with personal exploration for each spawn to experience in their own way. Our sound ranges from Death to Black to Melodic to Thrash to Doom to Groove to anything that defines Extreme Metal. Our song structures tend to be a mix of sub-genre fluctuations, a wide spectrum of vocals, progressive drumming, and technical yet groovy bass lines which are all driven by memorable riffing and solos.

As of July 2017, Astaroth Incarnate have signed with CDN Records for our debut 5 song EP. With the support of CDN Records, Astaroth Incarnate are proud to unleash Omnipotence – The Infinite Darkness, which has been released on September 8th, 2017.

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