Ruptured Birth

Ruptured Birth is a 4-piece Brutal Deathgrind band hailing from Sudbury, ON, Canada. Formed in the summer of 2014, Shane “Shanesaw Travolta” Scovron, James Bok, and Cody Bradshaw recorded their debut EP Arachni Supremacy independently in February of 2015 and started playing around Ontario after rounding out the lineup with Aaron Cividino handling bass guitar duties.

Newly signed to Canada’s veteran metal label CDN Records, Ruptured Birth went back into the studio at the end of March 2016 to record their follow up full-length effort released through CDN, entitled Transmutant, with one goal in mind – that the slams get slammier and the technical aspect gets more technical. With a lineup change seeing Aaron Cividino leaving the band, and Aaron Conte filling in for bass duties, the boys in Ruptured Birth are currently writing for their 2nd full length album to be released through CDN Records in 2018.

Having shared stages with such heavy hitters as Cryptopsy, Beyond Creation, Archspire, Necronomicon, Cruciamentum and Vesperia to name a few, Ruptured Birth are stoked to release the next album and plan tours in support of it.

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