Existential Dissipation – Cesspool of Remnants (w/ sticker)

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“Visceral, unrelenting barbarity”

The debut full-length from Existential Dissipation is now available for pre-order. Each CD comes with a free colour sticker of the album art. For fans of Devourment, Internal Bleeding, Cuff, Goratory, Guttural Secrete

Brutal Canadian Death/Slamming Metal. Coming December 13th, 2019.

Track Listing

  1. Constrained Defilement
  2. Cadaverous Agony (Feat. Geoff Geoffries of Vesication)
  3. Sediment Infestation
  4. Parasitic Sustenance (Feat. Mike Majewski of ex-Devourment, ex-Kill Everything)
  5. Execrable Evisceration
  6. Damnatio Ad Bestia
  7. Abhorrent Deliquesce (Feat. Larry Wang of Corprocephalic, Fatuous Rump, Gorepot)
  8. Cesspool of Remnants
  9. Horrors from the… (Feat. Konnor Butler of Abuse)

Cover art by Raymond Art.

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