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Morgue Dismemberment

Kade Beien has been making music from Albuquerque, New Mexico since 2016, taking part is multiple projects like Vampirecunt, Biohazardous Human Metamorphosis, Putrified Dab Rig, and others. Kade’s love for guitar eventually led him down the path of recording, and from there… [continue]

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Vengeful 187

Vengeful 187 is an international Beatdown/Hardcore project formed in 2017, featuring members residing in the US and Norway. The project features Mats Funderud on strings & vocals (Kraanium, Dragging Entrails) as well as Justin McNeil on drums (Existential Dissipation, Murdered), and finally… [continue]

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The story of Hexenklad began with the planting of a seed, an idea: to create a Metal band that was as deep in meaning and feeling as it was heavy and aggressive in sound. Co-created by guitarist Michael Grund (SIG:AR:TYR, ex-Battlesoul) and… [continue]

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Crackwhore was conceived in 2003 by like-minded veterans of the Vancouver death metal scene, who have since left in its wake and parted ways to pursue separate musical endeavors. A sonic weapon of a sophmore recording, “Let This Be A Lesson…”, had… [continue]

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In The Act Of Violence

In The Act Of Violence (ITAOV) is a Brutal Slamming Deathcore band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Bridging the gap between the old-school ways of heavy and the new-school with slamming riffs, blast beats, and extreme vocals, it’s nothing short of in your… [continue]