Brain Spasm – Toxic Monstrosities

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Chris Sabbath (Human Compost, Vesication) – Bass
Matt Hilden (Vesication) – Vocals
Bob Shaw (Cuff) – Vocals
Geoff Hodsman (Human Compost, Vesication, Gravitational Distortion) – Drums
Paul Morrell – Guitars


1 – Toxic Creation
2 – Consume!
3 – Blood, Bones and Body parts
4 – Human Ooze
5 – The Secrets In the Meat
6 – Zombie Blood Nightmare
7 – Lakeshore Strangler
8 – The Ultimate Cover

Bio: From the deep sewers of Toronto, Canada, emerges the beast known as Brain Spasm. A toxic Canadian goregrind act that creates their own brand of filthy, groovy, raw goregrind inspired by gore, wrestling and 80s horror movies.

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