Sentiment Dissolve – The Orwellian Dream

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Release Date: May 24th, 2024

Sentiment Dissolve is pleased to present their debut album, The Orwellian Dream. Dubbing themselves as “fast music for slow people”, the album features finger-busting riffwork, tons of dizzying double-kick and gravity blasts and rapid-fire vocals that take influence from both oldschool and new-school tech death. It’s impossible to play, but easy to remember.

Though Sentiment Dissolve is a newer band (formed in 2022), they come with plenty of experience, featuring members of established local bands including Aepoch, Kavara and Hell is Other People.

The band has already made their mark across their local southwest Ontario scene, sharing the stage with bands such as Carrion Vael, Detherous, First Fragment, Raider, Last Retch, Mors Verum, Cognitive and countless other locals.

With this being the first recorded music they’ve made available to the public, Sentiment Dissolve is ready to get their distinct, memorable sound into the ears of death metal fans far and wide, and take over the world in 2024.

Band Line Up:
Nicholas Luck – Guitars/vocals
Spinny Guilbault – Bass/vocals
Nathan Ferreira – Lead vocals
Matthew Johnson – Drums

For fans of Inferi, Decapitated, Deeds of Flesh, Decrepit Birth, The Black Dahlia Murder

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