Hell Is Other People – Embrace

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Hell is Other People is a Canadian metal band formed in 2014.

Building on a foundation of a bleak, droning atmosphere, Hell is Other People juxtapose elements of post black metal and shoe gaze to create an atmosphere that teeters between serene endearment, and crushing bleakness. Based in Windsor, ON, HIOP consists of Brandon Gruber (Saudade), James Ditty (ex Slaughterhouse on the Prairie), Geoff Haynes (ex Harbinger), Mat Lemmon (Corprophemia), and Nathan Boots (ex Burial Surface, Existential Dissipation).

“If you’re like me, you simply cannot get enough musical reminders that life is bleak, bleak, bleak. Ladies and germs, Windsor’s Hell is Other People has the cure for what ails you. Part Celeste, part Buried Inside, and all dark skies with no sun.” Axl Rosenberg – MetalSucks.net

Released Sept 15th 2017.


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