Last Retch – Sadism and Severed Heads

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Release Date: September 23, 2022.

Do you like groove-laced Swedish grinding guitars with riffs to take your head off? That’s what Last Retch brings to the table on their debut full-length, Sadism and Severed Heads. Produced, mixed and mastered by Davis Maxwell with artwork by the legendary Paolo Girardi.


  1. Neurosis
  2. Doomrider
  3. Sadism and Severed Heads
  4. Cannibals of Tuma
  5. Dead as Fuck
  6. Wallowing in Feculence
  7. Fleshed Out
  8. Ordained in a Dismal Cesspool
  9. Your Last Retch

Old School Death Metal from Hamilton, Ontario!

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