Malefice – Dawn of Reprisal

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Release Date: March 3, 2009

1. The Midas Effect
2. Abandon Hope
3. An Architect Of Your Demise
4. End Of Days
5. Human Portrait
6. As I Bleed
7. When Embers Ignite
8. Retribution
9. Hatred Justified
10. Sickened

After sharing the stage with some of the most esteemed names in modern metal and earning universal praise for their festival-stealing slot at Download 2008, Malefice have earned the reputation as one of Europe’s elite metal talents.

Packed full of face-melting riffs, fret-shredding guitars and a sense of groove that will stand up against any name you care to mention, DAWN OF REPRISAL arrives in stores on March 3rd, 2009. This is the date that the rest of the world shall follow Britain’s lead in worshipping at the altar of Malefice.

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