Korrosive – Toxic Apokalypse

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CD Release Date: November 18th, 2022
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The second album from Canadian extreme kaustic thrash metal band, Korrosive. Eight new pummeling tracks that are faster, more technical, and absolutely violent from beginning to end. This is Korrosive at its heaviest.

Track List

  1. Into Nekropolis
  2. Radioaktive Scourge
  3. The Goddamned
  4. Fatal Strike
  5. Libertad y Muerte
  6. Infernal Onslaught
  7. Hail the Hellfire
  8. Karnage Incarnate

Album Credits

Ben Erikson – Recording, Mixing, Engineering
Arthur Rizk – Mastering
Ed Repka – Artwork
Michael Jari Davidson – Photography
Kaveh Afshar – Layout, Liner Notes
Carlos Rodriguez – Art Direction

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