In Malice’s Wake – The Thrashening

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In Malice’s Wake are Australia’s premier thrash band. Combining relentless speed, iconic riffs and haunting melodies with virtuosic musicianship, their unique brand of thrash has built a league of loyal followers across the globe.

With a long, rich history of unforgettable live shows, In Malice’s Wake have toured Australia and New Zealand and supported many international acts including Forbidden, Krisiun, Warbringer and Destruction.
Having released two full-length albums (Eternal Nightfall &The Thrashening) & a Live DVD (Visions of Live Destruction) In Malice’s Wake have truly made their mark on the global metal community.

With a third album imminent, In Malice’s Wake are finalising pre-production on what will be a true statement of brutality – dark, destructive and unforgettable.

As any member of their die-hard fan base with attest, In Malice’s Wake deliver thrash metal as it was intended fast, ugly and wild!

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