Bowel Fetus/Offal – Split CD

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Prepare yourself for the ultimate blood curdling experience! OFFAL is back with another release of gut disgorging gurgles, eye bleeding riffs, skeleton smashing beats and the band’s unique 70’s and 80’s slashing terror mood to make Autopsy and Impetigo worshipers defecate in ecstasy!! Spliting this piece of plastic with Brazilian Gore/Death zombies; BOWEL FETUS vomits upon us the most disgusting and heaviest Doom and Gore hybrid ever gurgled. The band’s first recording with a real drummer; this Aussie duo is unique as Autopsy and Disembowelment down-tuned to the limits to twist your viscera and mangle your cranium!! Amazing barrage of sewer doomy Gore!! To keep the ‘old-school’ vibe, this one comes in a beautiful blood red vinyl-CD.”

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