Vengeful 187 – War Neurosis

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Beatdown Hardcore from the USA & Norway

Release Date: Sept 17th 2021
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War Neurosis is a raw beatdown/hardcore record, drawing influence heavily from early beatdown bands like Death Before Dishonor, Born From Pain and One Second Thought. The album covers various concepts relating to war, from trench warfare to PTSD.

For fans of: Born from Pain, I Am Revenge, One Second Thought, Machete 187, Death Before Dishonor


1.War Neurosis
2.Entrenched in horror
3.Shell Shocked
4.Deadly Precision
5.Silence Means Death
6.Jungle Warfare
7.Death and the city
8.Bring It On

Recording info: Recorded in 2019 by Mats Funderud, Ryan English and Justin McNeil remotely

Album Notes: Entrenched in Horror (track 2) has a vocal feature from Don Campan of Waking The Cadaver. Jungle Warfare (Track 6) features Kevin Muller (Vocals of Alluvial and The Merciless Concept)

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