Battlesoul – Sunward and Starward

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New CD from this Canadian Symphonic Folk Metal band

Release Date: Feb 23rd 2018


Symphonic. Celtic. Metal. Broken down into their core components, these three descriptors span centuries of musical history. In a purely contemporary context, each descipitor immediately conjures images of bearded dudes traipsing about in kilts, tartan socks and garters. Sure, the folk-ish elements in metal have become incredibly cliché Рbordering on satirical. That said, if one digs deep enough, one will find there exists only a handful of artists who have risen above the perceived banality that is, unfairly, directed at this sub-genre. Of these bands exists BATTLESOUL Рa collection of characters who truly explore the roots of Symphonic, Celtic, and Metal.

With just over a dozen years under their ornate-buckled celtic belts, Canada’s Battlesoul have forged an enduring anthology of epic-ness crafted from the blazing furnace of molten metal. What is most telling is their penchant at balancing the various musical influences – with each successive album avoiding the all-too-often seen tropes; it’s folk-y where it needs to be folk-y. It’s symphonic where it needs to be symphonic. Last but not least, it’s metal where it needs to be fucking metal. In Battlesoul’s versatile world, the renaissance faire-like moments are never at the expense of sheer brutality.

Battlesoul’s latest album, Sunward and Starward, takes steps to ensure connoisseurs of each aformentioned descriptor walk away pleased. Delivering on each front, it takes the very best elements and executes upon them with the precision of a Tartan Army spilling seas of Mongol blood. Make no mistake about it, Sunward and Starward is – first and foremost – a metal album; yet, it’s a metal album that has perfected the often difficult balancing act of multi-genre songwriting.

In the words of almighty Amon Amarth, “raise your horns raise them up to the sky… we will drink to glory tonight!”

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