Spilling Entrails – Monolith of Maggot Eaten Flesh

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The third release from this North American slam band.
Released October 16th 2020.

Spilling Entrails began with the first Slamophiliac album. Todd Grove did some vocals on there and I liked how his vocals and my vocals played off each other on those songs so I pitched the idea of doing a whole album like that. We did one song and posted it up on the internet and within a day CDN Records messaged us and the deal was done.

We very quickly made the first album (Slamosaurus Rex). Once that was out we started on the 2nd album (Humanity’s Final Hour) and I decided to back off for vocals and just let Todd have the spotlight. Todd and I then started on a 3rd album that would be pirate themed but in the process of it Todd and I lost communication and I shelved Spilling Entrails for years. In late 2019 though I got tired of Slamophiliac and wanted something new so I decided to revive Spilling Entrails and make it a full band.

First to join up was drummer Evan Barton (Chainsaw Disgorgement, Neckbeard Deathcamp) followed by bassist Chris Humeniuk (Fumigation) and lastly Zack Shaw (Phalloplasty, EctomyEctomy) who also did the mixing and mastering through his business Nihilistic Mixes. Together the 4 of us made a crushing album reminiscent of bands from the mid 2000’s while still sounding modern in its production and songwriting.

This new album (Monolith of Maggot Eaten Flesh) is as true to the idea of slam as we could do while not denying our influences from outside the genre. I think fans of slam, especially older fans from the early 2010’s and earlier will really take to this thing.

– Dazz (Slamophiliac)

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