Solitary – The Diseased Heart of Society (Digi Pak)

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If you thought the glory days of thrash were gone it’s time to think again. The genre has never sounded more potent and powerful than it does in the hands of the UK’s Solitary. The band recognised the potential of the music they had created and refused to settle for anything but the best when it came to assembling the perfect team to bring The Diseased Heart Of Society to vibrant, imperious life. Legendary producer Simon Efemey (Amorphis, Paradise Lost, Napalm Death etc) was brought on board to ensure the perfect sound and artist Andy Pilkington (Flotsam & Jetsam) created artwork and packaging worthy of this monstrous album. Adding that final touch of class, Stan Havard from friends Xentrix laid down some blistering guest lead guitar work. The Diseased Heart Of Society is destined to be recognised as one of the greatest thrash metal albums of the decade. For fans of: Testament, Slayer, Forbidden, Xentrix

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