Pulmonary Fibrosis – Pulmonologists

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French Hyper blast Gore Grind. Full of pitch sintered sewer vocal with merciless blast.
17 songs full album, Artwork by Luisma of HAEMORRHAGE

. French twin vocal Goregrind who also performed. Formed in 1998, released numerous sound sources in the underground scene, and has released more than 80 titles of demos, albums, and split albums so far. He also performed live and tours energetically, performing in Japan’s VISCERA INFEST and North America tour in 2018, and also in the Obscene Extreme Festival in 2019. A down-tuned guitar that was greatly influenced by LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY and DEAD INFECTION, a heavy goregrind with a high-speed & high-pitch snare cancan blast and a sewer vocal with a pitch shifter effect. Contains all 17 songs.
The jacket artwork is by Luisma of HAEMORRHAGE, Spanish Pasologic Goregrind Legend !!

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