Atria – New World Nightmare

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Release Date: Nov 16th, 2018

New 4-Song MCD from Canada’s Atria

Atria is an anthemic metal band from Ontario, Canada that plays heavy, yet catchy music with prime influences including Lamb of God, Soilwork, Tool and Slipknot.

Founded by Tom Emmans (vocals) and Tim Ross (guitar) in August of 2017, the band takes its name from a music venue in a nearby city at which Emmans and Ross played their first gig at with a different band. The experiences had at that place resonated enough to be cemented as the band’s moniker. Eventually they recruited Matt McGuire (drummer), Brent Westmoreland (bass) and Travis McGinnis (guitar) to fill out the lineup and have played a handful of shows and festivals with a great response and are hungry for more.

The debut release for the band, “New World Nightmare EP”, is due November 16th, 2018 and is just a teaser of what is to be expected from the band. Not just sticking with the usual heavy formula of the genre, they also add plenty of synth and orchestral parts and experiment with varying degrees of technicality. Emmans expands on his vision for the band’s direction: “I’ve always been a fan of catchy choruses. I like when bands can bring something dark and heavy but also give me something to sing along to. We’ve tried to do that with our new single and I think we’ve accomplished that. Also the lyrics have a great deal of depth and personal meaning to them. The rest of the album is much heavier but there are still plenty of good hooks worked in there.”

Even as a relatively new band, Atria is finding their place in the Canadian underground scene and making their name known amongst a wide variety of metal fans.