Neuroticos – Hell is Now

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(ORCD 182) NEUROTICOS / Hell is Now (CD)
Release Date : 14th October 2022

2x Brazilians + 2x Japanese based in Japan. Thrashed riffs and grinding blast. Totally fucking merciless brutal sounds.For VADER, DECIDE and SLAYER fans. 2nd full album.

1. The End
2. Demonic Eyes
3. Dying for God
4. Hell is Now
5. Abuse of the Priest
6. Kill your Son
7. Possessed by Religious Venom
8. Angels from Hell
9. Kill in the Name of Faith

A death metal band formed in Hiroshima by Japanese-Brazilian Dias Matsuda brothers. I grew up watching the backs of BAKED BOMB and BLIND HATE, who are senior bands in Hiroshima, and have been active even more after moving their base of activities to Tokyo.

Overseas: Brazil, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand

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