Mortal Dismay – Unspoken

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The debut studio album of the Moscow Death/Thrash metal band is literally filled with rage, hysteria and oozing blood. In a relatively short time the musicians led by Dmitry Molotov – the bassist of the legendary Russian band HELLRAISER – managed not only to make a statement with several successful Internet singles, but also to record an album full of excellent and catchy smash-hits that are a really thrilling listening. Each song is a story. ‘Devil On Your Tail’ narrates about a biker who rushes so fast that neither death nor the devil can catch him. ‘Persecutor’ is about the fifth horseman of the Apocalypse created by the demented god to exterminate mankind that made him sick. In contrast, there is a song titled ‘Fuckin’ Shit’ – you can’t always be serious, can you?! On ‘Unspoken’ MORTAL DISMAY explore such themes like death, mysticism, dystopia, madness and depression.

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