Moongates Guardian – In the Beginning

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The second full-length album by the Russian Epic Medieval/Atmospheric Black Metal band. The musical material of the new album continues and logically develops the ideas brought forth with the debut “Eternal Legend”. MOONGATES GUARDIAN duo appeals to the listeners with its epic musical canvas imbued with the atmosphere of the ancient world of Middle-Earth, breathing a new life into the immortal epic of J. R. R. Tolkien. In comparison with the debut the new songs evolved both on compositional and structural levels: they became more complicated yet coherent. Within the album all tracks are interconnected with short interludes and sound like a single musical canvas still preserving their individuality. “In The Beginning” stands out from other similar epic medieval albums primarily for cool and easy-to-remember melodies served masterfully and with taste. The album itself does not sound like a compilation of symphonic lines and pieces – everything is in its place, nicely mixed into a kind of fantasy black metal soundtrack. It can be stated that with this album MOONGATES GUARDIAN has developed its own distinctive style. The lyrics traditionally employ the poems by Tolkien, however this time they are translated and performed in Russian language!

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