Monumentum Damnati – In the Tomb of a Forgotten King

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The first full length album by the international doom/ death metal project. Under the influence of various experiments and horror-atmosphere 9 compositions with the most different mood and degree of melody focus around Melodic Doom/Death and Dark Metal with orchestrations. The work will appeal to connoisseurs of various music, for whom are equally interesting as the slow pace with measured tight riffs in some compositions, and dynamic presentation with rhythmic patterns and memorable melody in others. Juicy grooves with intertwined squeaks and sinister whispers from the frontman are perfectly complemented by the low grooves of guest vocalist Mikhail Stefanovich. Fans of Crematory, Trail Of Tears, Ajattara, The Vision Bleak, Dark the Suns, Morgul, Enshine and similar bands are recommended to listen to.

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