Maggots – Death Metal Masacre

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Death Metal from Mexico

death metal band is released and it is more special when such release is by a Mexican band. Maggots is relatively a new band, they were formed in 2004 and this is their second full length, honestly this is the first time I heard about them and what a killer surprise was to discover this Mexican Maggots!

Death Metal Masacre is the name of the album which is full of powerful death metal, I like the intense style of this band that has reunited the best of their influences and the result was really fantastic, the riffs keep the same level all the time and the intensity never ceases, I guess that is the key of their style; some blasting moments here and there with a vibe of raw metal, like the Swedish and American bands from early 90s. Other important point to analyze is the intense speed this band plays with, most of the time they are fast and precise, believe me the killer riffing and the ultra-fast rhythm will destroy your ears, the way Maggots executes death metal is similar to a powerful drill.

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