Intestinal Hex / Pukewraith – Medieval Grime Split

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Release Date: July 15th 2022

Intestinal Hex and Pukewraith are two solo side-projects from members of Gutvoid and Fumes.

Rather than do a traditional split EP where side one is reserved for one band and side two for the other, Pukewraith and Intestinal Hex leapfrogged their tracks on “Medieval Grime.” Each band offers up three songs each. The split begins with Pukewraith and then Intestinal Hex, back and forth with their unique styles, but unified under a single theme: medieval times.


With his Pukewraith moniker, Brendan Dean takes the vomitous death metal sound that he explored on his debut demo (released by Gurgling Gore in 2021) and steps it up to a whole new level of rancidity. The riffs are otherworldly, the vocals grosser than a retching cat, and the guitar leads have more shred than a bag of cheddar cheese. FFO: Cannibal Corpse, Ripping Corpse, Massacre

Intestinal Hex are one of the death metal underground’s best kept secrets. It’s unlikely the name will stay secret for long, though. Daniel Bonofiglio (Gutvoid, Fumes, etc.) burst into the scene with his debut Intestinal Hex album, released on CDN Records. With the project, he churns out death metal that is as brutal as it is dark and atmospheric. A perfect combination of classic American and Finnish death metal sounds! FFO: Adramelech, Demilich, Incantation.

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