Ground Control – Insanity

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First release on the Italian label Punishment 18 Records and also an Italian band. Ground Control was formed by the two guitar players in 1996 under the name of Deluge. In 2002 they decided to change the name in Ground Control and still play thrash metal. Did they play bay Area thrash in the beginning they play more modern thrash anno 2007. Beside the power and up tempo they include more melodic parts in the songs. The guitar leads are really kicking but the weak part is are the vocals. They don’t sound thrashy enough but more towards power metal. But that problem is solved as he left the band due to personal problems but his guitars were ok. The song structures are not that difficult and it refers sometimes to Anthrax as the did on Spreading The Disease or Among The Living. And so it is not weird they cover a song of Anthrax… Concluding that it isn’t really a thrash shocker like we had in the 80s but it might appeal to the young thrash metal fans

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