Exiled on Earth – Non Euclidean

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Exiled on Earth was formed in 2000. The sound of the band is Technical Thrash metal with death influence, it will evolve throuhout the years in a more violent form, without betray the band’s trademark based on complex riffs and sophysticated rhythm patterns. In the end of 2001 with the recruitment of Piero Arioni (drums) and Alessandro Croce (guitar), the formation is complete and at the beginning of the new year, the first mini CD of the band (“Duality Conflicts”) was ready. An intense live activity in Rome and province follows till 2005, when a second promo CD is recorded: “Seizure of Rationality”, (Metal Shock Top Demo), thanks to which the band gained visibility on Rock Hard Online. in 2007, the firs full lenght,”The Orwell Legacy”, saw the light at 16th Cellar Studios (Rome), and will be published by Zero Substance Records (USA) in the 2008. The album, goes deeper into the sci-fi themes dear to the band, reaching the boundaries of horror depicted by H.P. Lovecraft, to whose works, at least a song is dedicated on every band’s recording (“Turmoil, 2002”, “Forgotten Lore, 1996-2007”, “Backstabbed, 2008”, “Underground Intelligence, 2016”). On 2012 “Forces of Denial” was released. The passion for Lovecraft tales will be the inspirational spark for the third album: “Non Euclidean”.

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