Eryx – Killing for Escape

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More Hate productions proudly presents the album of metal maniacs from Volgograd. All tracks are saturated withmasculinity in the best sense of the word. It is a pure metal – straightforward, honest, full hearted and without even a slightest bit of acquiescence. “Killing for Escape” embodies the best ideas generated by the band over the years: furious and mighty thrash metal, modern wave of recent years, a tiny bit of groove and some hardcore. Such a wide palette contributes to ingenuity of the band. Although the influence of such bands like NEVERMORE (the coolest multilayered riffery), SLAYER (infernal delivery), LAMB OF GOD (groove, more groove and yet more GROOVE!) is evident, the final product is fierce as Hell. This release is a must have for every self-respecting headbanger! The lyrics have no general concept: each song is a separate story about acute social problems (‘Killing for Escape’, ‘Lost’, ‘Za Gorizont’), futuristic (‘Kings of Nothing Life’), mystical (‘Final Prayer’) and war-historical (‘Dead Man Attack’) issues. Broadly speaking the songs are from the people and about people.

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