Epidermal Veil – Psalms of the Flayed

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Release Date: November 4th, 2022

With their debut EP, Epidermal Veil aims to elevate the sound of Icelandic Technical Death Metal.

Embodied in 2021, Epidermal Veil was made with the clear goal to write technical and catchy death metal, and to elevate the sound of Icelandic technical death metal. Being from the ever so isolated place of Reykjavik, Iceland, and cursed with the pandemic, Epidermal Veil is not holding any punches back.

“Psalms of the Flayed” tells the story of the cosmic deity Ursath and his descent upon Earth. Comprised of five tracks that tell the first chapter in the Ursath saga, it is a journey into depravity, defeat and submission. Running the gauntlet of various death metal influences, it is a ride to remember.

Epidermal Veil features members of Devine Defilement.
For fans of Obscura, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Beyond Creation.


  1. Crimson Sky
  2. My Wish Your Veil of Flesh
  3. A Darkened Wasteland
  4. Swarm of Ursath (Feat. Mario Infantes of Cult of Lilith & Unnur Björk of Svartþoka)
  5. Repears Nectar


Mix by Haukur Hannes at Mastertape Studios
Mastered by Floor at GLDCHN.Studios

Artwork by Rizky Pradana


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