D.E.F.A.M.E – Hyperboolaris Supreeme Bizzare

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While some other artists dedicate their songs to COVID-19, D.E.F.A.M.E. devote their new opuses to the victims of inhumane experiments on the earthlings carried out by an alien race of reptiloids. Over and over again we will be taken in by thick and monumental sound, perfectly fitting mega low vocals, riffs that rock, smash and make you shake your caboose and other bulges. The album also includes a CBT cover traditionally opening each D.E.F.A.M.E. show. The CD is adorned with a concept art by Artur Ryabov (ART OF GORE, SEPTYCOPYEMIA) and unforgettable atmosphere and sounds of brutal tortures recreated based on stories and eyewitness accounts. Why should you give it a listen? Because each of us must be on the alert and remember that the enemy is watchful, he is very close among us!

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