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Crimson Dawn took shape in the winter of 2005, with a mix of their musical sensibilities, ideas, and influences all forged in the cauldron of their common passion for Epic Traditional Heavy Metal. In 2006, the duo recorded the first promo-cd, A Dawn in Crimson, well-received in the Italian fandom. After that, the project was put on hold until the summer of 2008, when Dario made the decision to resurrect it and shape it into an actual band, adding a strong Doom Metal element to it. Crimson Dawn’s first full-length album “In Strange Aeons…” was mastered by Dan Swanö (Opeth, Edge Of Sanity) at Unisound Studio, took the heavy metal world by storm with its heavy riffs paired with epic and sullen melodies. In 2014, the band promoted their first official release by playing in great doom festivals like Italy’s Play It Doom Festival and Malta’s Malta Doom Metal Festival.
In 2016, the 6-piece entered Elnor Studio to give birth to their second full-length record “Chronicles Of An Undead Hunter”. In 2020, Crimson Dawn is as ready as ever to go full-speed ahead to the future.

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