ChainBreaker – Lethal Desire (Cassette)

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CHAINBREAKER formed sometime in the frigid depths of 2013. The band began as a three-piece in Al Chambers’ garage, with Al taking care of vocal duties and drums, Ian Chains on guitar, and band friend Craig Rose on bass. Initially, the band was just an excuse to cope with winter by get hammered and playing Razor songs. Eventually, a solid lineup came together (Rob Ouellette on vocals, Curtis Faux on bass) and the Constant Graving demo tape was released in early 2014 to coincide with the band’s debut gig at the now-defunct Izakaya Sushi Bar. A handful of shows were played in Eastern Canada in support of the tape, as well as a brief US tour with now-labelmates BAT in the summer.

For a band featuring current and former members of Cauldron, Toxic Holocaust, and Rammer, it’s not surprising that CHAINBREAKER suitably specialize in lean ‘n’ mean speed metal that pays respects to their ’80s Canadian forebears like Razor, Sacrifice, Piledriver, and Slaughter whilst honorably adding to that classic canon. All that was crude ‘n’ rude about said canon – the locomotive rush, the raw-blooded intensity, the emphasis on simple yet exclamatory hooks – is dragged kicking and screaming into the present, under the oh-so-fitting title of Lethal Desire. Poisonous yet endlessly fun, the album unleashes one mini-anthem after another, each one more rivetheaded than the last, but always in service of the eternal glory of heavy metal. And a dozen of those mini-anthems fly by in a compact 35 minutes, making Lethal Desire the perfect soundtrack to beer-drinking and hell-raising.

On lethal evidence of the long-desired Lethal Desire, in the succinct words of CHAINBREAKER, “2018 is the year of broken chains!”

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