Deformatory / Blood of Christ – Bilateral Carnage (Split 7-Inch)

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Limited Edition of 200 copies

Band: Deformatory
Song Title: Myiasis
Runtime: 5:42

DEFORMATORY’s brutal approach to death metal has been a systematic assault on the very fabric of humanity ever since their debut album In The Wake of Pestilence in 2013.

Uniting the traumatic impact and blazing speed of brutal and technical death metal (No Clean Singing), DEFORMATORY release song after unrelenting song, as cornerstones of brutality for CDN Records.
MYIASIS is the band’s last sacrifice to 2018 before isolating themselves to record their 3rd album, slotted for release via CDN Records in late 2019.

MYIASIS is a raw, unfettered song unraveling the psychosis of retribution. A victim’s penalty for betrayal is dissected in a sickening tale of prolonged suffering, combined with a dark and blistering musical assault crafted by the band.

MYIASIS is a brief glimpse into DEFORMATORY’s direction for their 2019 release, which is already one of the most anticipated albums coming out on CDN Records.

Brutal Technical Death Metal


The two songs are “the extinction syndicate” and “murdering a storyteller”. The first song, “the extinction syndicate” is an anti-trophy hunting, vicious and quick grinder in the classic Blood of Christ death-grind vein.

The second offering, “murdering a storyteller” is a recharged reboot of a classic song from the third Blood of Christ album. This time around, however, it is taken to angrier heights and is relentless in its attack. No clean vocals: amateur hour is over!

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