The Blood of Christ / Vomit Remnants – Eastern Beast – Western Wolf (Split CD)

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Release Date: December 4th 2020
Now available on cassette

The Blood of Christ – Epic Canadian Death Metal Legends.
1. Forgotten divinity chapter 1
2. Apocalyptic vertigo
3. Sworn to the northern star
4. Forgotten divinity chapter 2

Vomit Remnants – Brutal Death Metal Legends from Japan.
The band recorded 2 new songs and 1 cover song for releasing the split with their long time favorite band Blood Of Christ in 2020. The singer Toshiyasu recorded first time in a long time since he recorded with Woundeep.

1. Blood Runs Cold
2. Embodiment Of A Painful Void
3. Moonlight Eclipse (Blood Of Christ Cover)
4. Embludgeonment (Live)
5. Inherited Deformity (Live)

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